Epoxy resin slab coatings

At Renu Timber use the latest and highest performing R&D Resin and Epoxy coatings.  These epoxy resins enable us to keep our timbers unique features and styles, giving a high gloss and protective layer to the timber’s surface.

The benefits of using an epoxy resin coating on our timbers make them waterproof, scratch-resistant and sanitary all while preserving the colour and beauty of the timber for many years.

renu timbers

Renu Timbers is based in Ulladulla, on the NSW South Coast. We love hardwood, and we’re able to make just about anything from it.

All the timber used is reclaimed and would have otherwise been left to rot or turned into firewood. We have over 3,000 unique timber slabs on hand that we’ve salvaged.

We’re happy to work with supplied timber slabs, too.

We create one of a kind pieces of furniture and specialise in sign making. We can also route into plastics and aluminium, using our 3D 1.5m CNC router.

To preserve and enhance the timbers’ beauty, we use the latest in high-quality resin/epoxy and varnish coatings, enabling us to keep the timbers unique features and style for many years to come.

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